DIY Dog Leash

Well this post came about 8 months too late, but I finally got around to sewing my first dog leash!

DIY Dog Leash


I’ve had a ton of people read and contact me about the first dog collar I ever made. Who would have thought I would be sewing 6 a week on average now? You never know where things will lead you. Many sales later through my Etsy store, and I feel like a pro.

Since a lot of the ribbons I carry are ordered in small batches, I’ve decided not to list leashes in my Etsy store. Managing the inventory would be challenging (we barely have enough storage as is in our 800 square foot apartment), plus I have a full time job that keeps me plenty busy. HOWEVER, I will gladly accept custom requests as long as I have enough ribbon in stock. Just contact me through here or Etsy if you’re interested.

I take a lot of pride in making things myself and genuinely enjoy sharing tutorials with others. I thought I’d share a brief tutorial on making a dog leash as well. What good is a collar without a leash?

1. Cut your ribbon and nylon webbing to the desired length. I use 1″ nylon webbing and 7/8″ ribbon as pictured above. Leashes are typically between 4-6 feet. Once you select how long you would like the leash, add about 10.5 inches to that (8 inches for the handle and 2.5 inches for the clasp).

2. Sew the ribbon around all edges onto one side of the nylon webbing. Refer to my dog collar post for a detailed visual. Once that is done, all that’s left is making the handle and attaching the clasp! Easy right?

3. I first attached the clasp. You can purchase these from any craft store or online. I overlapped about 2.5 inches through the loop. I sewed in two places for extra strength, close to the clasp and at the end of the flap. I sewed forward and backward three times just to be sure it was extra secure. My dogs pull pretty hard on the leash.

Sew Dog Leash Clasp

4. The last step is making the handle. I measured 8 inches from the end of the leash and folded over. I wanted to have a large enough handle that I could place it over my wrist. You could simply sew twice again at the ends and be done. I chose to add an extra step though so that I could have a hook for our poop bag carrier. In this case, I slid the D ring on first and sewed on either side of that. I also sewed at the end of the flap (3 times total).

Sew Dog Leash Handle

Here is a close up so you can see each spot I sewed.

Add D Ring to Dog Leash

When you flip it over, you have a functional, secure hook to attach poop bags, keys, or whatever you please!

Leash Poop Bag D Ring

One last angle for your viewing pleasure.

Leash D Ring Attachment

And just like that the leash is done! No buckle weaving, collar twisting nonsense. Definitely something any amateur can do. Much easier than the collar too!

DIY Anchor Dog Leash

And how cute is this? It’s just the fraction of the price at any pet store. I spent about $6 for all of the materials and it took about 20 minutes of my time. Can’t beat it!

Green Anchor Dog Leash

There you have it folks. Cute dog leash, 4 simple steps, at $6. Ready? GO!

Beach Dog Leash

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